Friday, August 22, 2008



School is going good. I am ALMOST finished with the media guide. For those of you who do not know, this is a 150+ page 'football program' that i develop and design as a 'side job'. I have been doing the media guide for my school for the past 4 years. It does get easier each year, however, this last week before printing, is always the hardest. Today I did not even get up from my computer desk and didn’t go to lunch :(!

School also started back at Georgia Southern this week, 3 more classes, 12 more hours, one semester closer to graduation.

On other notes, Ryleigh is still using her big girl potty!!!! She will go, and then gets up and does the "tee tee dance" and runs to get an M&M from our bathroom. This is where her potty is suppose to be, but it has migrated into the den. No, I do not like the potty in the den, but if it helps her remember to go, then so be it!

We also converted her toddler bed to a full size bed tonight. She was sooo excited. She got to help her daddy take the toddler bed down and put the full size up. She also went to sleep in her bed ALL BY HER SELF TONIGHT. Yes we did do the CIO(Cry it out) method. But it did not take her long. We used this method when we transitioned her from being 'held' to sleep to putting herself to sleep. To some it may seem harsh. To some if you hear her at the right moment, you would think we were torturing our child. However, after about 2 days (sometimes these first two can be extremely long nights) the baby is out like a light in no time. Hopefully this will work for us again. It was a life saver when we did it a little over a year ago.

Momma is coming down to see us tomorrow to celebrate my birthday. I am still worried about turning 28. That it just scaring the S**T out of me J I mean that is way too close to 30. We have also been getting updates on our 10 year reunion (THANKS IDA). This is also another topic that has been weighing on my mind a lot lately. Can it really be that long? It’s both bittersweet and worrisome in the same note. So much has changed in the past 10 years. And who would have thought during our senior year of high school we would now be ‘bloggin’ about our life for all to read. We were just concerned with getting out of high school and starting college. GROWING UP! Now it’s almost like some days I wish I could go back. On the other hand, I would not give up anything in my life at this moment. (well maybe some of the bills).

However, one thing remains the same. Those absolutely necessary constants in my life! Yes they may be few and far between. But they are there nonetheless. You know who you are… Love you! I also have the feeling they are having some of the very similar thoughts that I am.

Well its getting late. I have so many other things I need to be doing.
1.) Sleeping
2.) Media Guide
3.) My Georgia Southern class work.
4.) Spending time with my hubby.
Maybe I will go do one of the above. Just don’t know yet which.

OH yes, one more thing I need to do a “shout out” to Alli. She has almost reached her September goal with her low carb! YEA ALLI!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My favorite time of day

The favorite part of my day:
Every day my middle school classes start with a journal entry. Today’s journal was “What is your favorite time of the day”. When I started thinking about this topic, I decided it would be a GREAT Blog entry.

The favorite time of my day is when we turn to Ryleigh and say “Bedtime lets go say our prayers.” Yes, this sentence is normally met with frustration, and whining all the way to the bedroom (our bedroom- because that is where she is still falling asleep).

However, by the time we are at the bed the whining has subsided. Bedtime is a ritual we have done since day one. It may be the only one we adhere to. But to us, both JB and I, it is one of the most important.

We all stop what we are doing and go to the bedroom and sit on the bed. Ryleigh takes her passie out of her mouth, puts her bear down and bows her head and folds her hands. We then recite Now I lay me down to sleep. This is something we have done since the day we came home from the hospital. Even before Ryleigh knew what bedtime was, her day always ended with Now I lay me down to sleep.

Ryleigh will try to rebel against any and everything but her prayer time. It is also the only time of the day that my bright eyed, strong willed (where does that come from), red
headed (with a temper to go along with it) beautiful baby(to me she still is my baby) girl allows me to hold and cuddle with her. We say our prayer, and automatically gives JB and I a kiss. Then another, and most of the time one more. All with a smile on her face. Then its lights out and I have started lying back down with her until she goes to sleep. Partly because I LOVE to cuddle with her, partly because she wants someone to lay with her due to a small part of separation anxiety. Whatever the reason, all of this summed up to be my favorite part of the day.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Potty Time!

We just arrived home from spending the afternoon in Macon. I told Ryleigh "mommy needs to go potty" and she went to the bathroom with me. She pointed to her potty chair and I asked if she wanted to sit on her potty? She said yes and got excited. Well she did, and SHE WENT TEE TEE. She was so happy and go to do the "tee tee dance" and get a M&M.

This made us soooo happy. Ryleigh was using her potty before she got sick in may then wanted nothing to do with it. In the past few days she would go and sit and get up. So I was thinking maybe soon she would start again. Tonight she did! :)

After we put our PJ's on she went back and sat on the potty (fully clothed) got up danced and pointed to the M&M cabinet. I told her we had to Tee Tee in the potty before we got to dance and get another M&M. So she must have understood she went to play in the den!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just an average day...

but seems like a good day for a post!

Life is going.... that is about it at the moment! :) I started back to school last Friday, and the students started Thursday. This means early night and early mornings....neither of which Ryleigh is enjoying too much. But hey--who can blame her, she is her mother's daughter after all, and I am definitely a late sleeper :)

So pretty much all week we are school, home, bed, school, home bed. In my opinion that is NO FUN WHATSOEVER! Tonight we went and celebrated JB’s birthday (which is Sunday) by eating at Mexican and running by a teacher friend’s house to work on her computer.

It’s amazing how exhausted I am from starting school. Even with going to bed early with Ryleigh, just not being able to lay around when I want to is absolutely killing me.

Well that’s about it. Just wanted to keep everyone up to date…. We are here…we are alive… nothing exciting going on in Dublin!