Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa's List...He's checking it twice

Go check out who made the nice list... ummmmm...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fall Classes

Well my fall classes are over. WHOOOO HOOO!!!

I ended up "officially" with 2 A's and 1 B. However, in my book its 3 A's. One teacher counts 92 and below a B. Well I had a 91. So he posted a B, but I count it as an A. So I am going to pat myself on the back :)

Disney On Ice


Wow! The excitement! The squeals! The laughter!

We can NOT wait until Thanksgiving next year where we get to experience the real thing

(we go to Disney next year for the week of Thanksgiving)

I was very hesitant in getting us tickets because I was unsure how Ryleigh would react to watching a performance. I did not want her to be ill and disrupt everyone else around her. I finally decided to bite the bullet. I thought she would enjoy it and we were going to give it a shot.

When researching tickets I found the had what was called “VIP” seats. Didn’t really know what “VIP” meant but hey it was 10 dollars more, might as well get those right? All I could tell from the ticket seating chart, was the VIP were ‘center court’ and first two rows.

The day finally came. We have been talking about it off and on for a few months. Really talking it up big the last week or so. My heart would be broken if she didn’t enjoy it or even worse, was scared of Mickey! We got ready, we went to Macon – first with a pit stop at the hospital to see a friend who had a baby – and we were finally at the Centerplex. (or I think that is what it is called).

We get in and through the field of sells booths. Finally to the actual arena for lack of a better word. I see rows of seats, on the ice…. Actually on the ice. I look at JB and say I think those are our seats. He said no way. Well we talked to one of the people who points you to your seats and he pointed us that way! Ryleigh was getting more excited by the minute. Mickey was everywhere. She even pointed out “rella” as we were coming in. I didn’t even know she knew who Cinda’rella’ was. Chance would have it we ran in to some friends coming in, Ryleigh’s babysitters daughter who is in kindergarten, Big RyLeigh. She ended up sitting five seats down from us.

Even with our seats on the ice, which one of the workers told us was 14 degrees, it wasn’t too cold. I brought our coats and gloves and had Ryleigh in tights and pants, but never got cold. I guess the padding they had on top really worked!

We could not have had a better view. Everything happened right in front of us. I determined when we got there, I was really glad I spent the extra 10 to get the VIP seats. Ryleigh did wonderful during the show, only getting upset for about 5 mins right after intermission when she had to sit back down, but then Mickey came back out and all she could say was ‘mo’ ‘mo’ ‘mo’.

Here are a few pics. We have a few more on my camera. We will get those off tonight!

Ryleigh and I in our seats

The VERY IMPORTANT light wand, it has "Rella" on top.

The center stage.

Ryleigh and Big Ryleigh



The Monkey and their "hineys". Ryleigh thought it was hilarious that they had hineys!
Mickey and Minnie - Ryleigh has now started to differentiate between the two, they are now Minnie and Mickey, not just Mouse.

Ryleigh - happy at the show!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Off Visiting

Ryleigh is off visiting her Grandma Pat and Granddad Benson for the night (or two) so I have so much planned to do. Yea, planned is the right word.

The reason I am out of bed at 11 am (on the dot) is to take some medicine. I am sick as a dog! Why do I keep getting the sinus crud. One whole side up my head is clogged. Needless to say, I am glad Ryleigh isn't here because all I want to do is sleep.

Our goal for today is to get the Tree from the local Tree seller. First we have to clean the den and move Ryleigh's table (as it is in the tree location). We want to get the tree up with lights before Ryleigh's return tomorrow afternoon. First I thought it was cruel and unusual punishment to do the tree without her, after a little thinking I believe it would be just that to me by waiting on her. So I compromised and said we will put the lights on without her as this is the most tedious job -- and her help wouldn't be quite that might i say 'helpful'. Then tomorrow when she gets home she can put the ornaments on.

So lets see how much we get done today. I am off to sleep a little more :(

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Weekend with the Harpers

Me, My Aunt Kathleen, Ryleigh, My Cousin Katrina

So we had it planned, planned for months (several months) we had a schedule, a detailed, very detailed schedule. Remind me to never plan and schedule again…. You just get your hopes up!

Our second annual (and incidentally Ryleigh’s second Christmas) outing with the Harpers was this past weekend. We had planned on doing Christmas at Stone Mountain. The whole nine yards. Katrina had a detailed (did I mention very detailed) schedule planned for us so we did not miss anything we wanted to do. It rained. It rained and It rained some more.

So after some quick (in order to stay dry) thinking we decided to go to Lenox, see the Pink Pig and Santa and just enjoy time together. We met Jared at Bass Pro in Macon (because if anyone knows what the GA map looks like its easier (faster etc) for him to meet us in Macon from Covington instead of going straight to McDonough) and headed on out.

Once there, and after everyone finished moaning about the rain and not being able to go to Stone Mountain we headed to Lenox.

First item at hand, Priscilla (as she used to be called), The Pink Pig. For those of you who do not know. The Pink Pig is an Atlanta landmark (at least at Christmas). Way back when (according to the people we were with –haha) it on top of Rich’s Downtown, and part of it was even outside for a few secs to go around the Tree. It debuted in 1953. I remember it from the Festival of Trees and Cody riding it. Anyway you can view more at pink pig…. Back to the adventure!

Ryleigh rode the Pig….and wanted to again. I should have listened to Katrina who said ‘doesn’t she want to go twice’ while we were buying tickets…. Truth be known. We were with a ‘closet pink pig addict’ Well wait a min, a ‘closet addict’ hides the addiction… Katrina is just a Pink Pig Addict. She wanted to ride twice.

Ryleigh and I at the Pink Pig in ATL

Jared sporting his new Vera Bradley BookBag

After buying a few Pink Pig memorabilia, we headed off to Santa. Oh were we excited. Ryleigh was too (really I swear)! That is until we got to be the next up. Then we broke down. I think the photos say enough. Now she looks at them and says “ho ho – Ryleigh cry”. Go figure….

Ryleigh Before Santa

Afterward, we shopped, (window mostly) and ate supper then It was time for Dessert. Cookie Factory of course. Low and behold, guess what Ms. Ryleigh wanted and avidly told the person she wanted… the Santa cookie.

Well we had fun, that is all that matters! Hope you enjoy the pictures. And if you are around Lenox…. Go RIDE THE PIG!

This is the 'actual' ordered photo
Santa tried HARD!