Wednesday, April 30, 2008

For Starters

Well, since I do EVERYTHING on a computer I decided that now is the time to start Bloggin' about our life. This way I will have a record of everything that goes on in Ryleigh's life. I have to do it here, because I am a bad mom, and have kept a terrible record in her baby book. A baby book I might add that I looked high and low for, finding the right one. Ryleigh is now 15 months old, wow, boy does time fly. I swear I am going to wake up tomorrow and she will be 16!

Ryleigh is now walking, talking and is DEFINITELY her own person. I think she gets this honestly from her mommy and daddy. (tee hee). Her favorite word right now is Momma, everything and everybody is Momma. Oh and Also "woof woof". like a dog. Everytime she sees a dog, hears a dog, or thinks of a dog, its woof woof. Her other favorites include no, no, hey, and no. probably in that order. If you ask her a question, the answer is ALWAYS 'no'.

She has been doing very good with her sign language, (if you want to know why we teach her signing click here). She now signs Baby, more (which she uses in place of eat) and all done. We are also working on potty.

Her favorite toys right now are her sand box and four wheeler. She is also starting to figure out how to work her Barbie Beetle. She loves to dance and sing, and has always loved music. She has also started watching the Wiggles. Boy do they get old quick, I think I would rather watch barney and I thought I would never say that! :)

She is sleeping through the night and has been off bottles since she was about 13 1/2 months. Her doctor said No bottles by 15 months.

She is beginning to go to the potty, and has the cutest little potty dance. We clap and sing and read books while we are waiting to 'teetee'. When we do teetee we get an M&M (which is another word she uses but it sounds more like mmmmm and then she smacks her lips together) she also knows she doesn't get one unless she uses the potty. I think her favorite part of pottying is running to tell whoever is here with out a diaper on and doing her little potty dance and clap -- of course this is while she is smacking on that M&M. haha.

She is learning animal sounds other than the dog as well. Duck, Cow and Kitten are sounds the baby sitter(later referred to as Glenda for those who don't know) is working with her daily on. She will point to JB's infamous ducks on the den wall and quack, its soo darn cute :)

Well I guess that is enough for the first post. I promise all others will not be this long. I am going to try to be faithful and do this at least weekly. Don't forget to check out our photo page ( it has been changed to having to use a login - sorry that was the company not us. But the good part is you will get updates when we post.

I'm posting some photos of her in the sandbox and four wheeler