Monday, March 30, 2009

Boats, Leprechauns, and Lambs

Spring Break is finally here! Woo hoo! I have used today to catch up with my Georiga Southern Classes that I have let fall to the way side the past couple of weeks. Now I am starting on laundry.

The past month has been a busy one. Lets see the last post was about the aquarium. What have we done since then?

Well the end of February or was it the beginning of March? We had some snow. Yes it was the beginning of March.

We were sitting in church at FBC Covington when we looked out the window and saw snow. Earlier it was just yucky cold rain. We had time to go eat at Smilies and get to mommas before it really started accumulating. It was so pretty. But we didn’t stay for long once it started because I had a feeling we wouldn’t get any in Dublin (I was right) and we would have school. If we stayed in Covington any longer, we would have became stuck there….. oh and that would have been horrible…. (I say sarcastically).

Ryleigh did not like the "wet" cold snow.

She was happier if someone was holding her!

She was much happier in the house eatting a snow ball.

JB went fishing with his daddy in Brunswick (I think). Allison stayed the night with Ryleigh and I. J Cause we all know I don’t like staying by myself.

The next week I went on a Cruise for Nanny’s 75th Birthday. We went out of Orlando an
d did a Thurs-Sunday cruise to Nassau. We had a lot of fun. During that time Ryleigh went and spent the night with Daddy and Joan and JB’s parents. On my cruise I even went swimming with the sting rays! It was very cold but very neat! On the cruise were my Grandparents, Aunts – Kathy, Peggy, and Betty, Momma, and Cousin – Ashleigh. 8 Stitts on one boat…and no one died…. Truly a miracle!

Picture of all of us before we boarded.

Standing outside the limo.

In the limo on the way to the boat from the hotel.

At Senor Frogs. Gotta go there in Nassau!

Formal Night....

Me and my stingray.

We went to the St Patricks Festival last Saturday. It was fun. We watched the parade with Nathan – and of course his parents Steven and Melinda. Amanda, Brentley and Dorothy also met us there. We walked around the park for a while also. (more photos to come)

One day last week JB had to go to Savannah for work – I am talking a lot of work here – I got a text saying he was eating crab trap…… and Janna spent the night with me and Ryleigh and kept Ryleigh for me Wednesday since she was on spring break.

This past weekend we went to Eastman and had easter pictures taken with a lamb. They all turned out so good. (I will accept any donations offered to help pay for those photos…haha). I am hoping to have proofs back tomorrow so I will try to post some.