Sunday, February 22, 2009


So I have let a month go by again!

I have been so busy. I love my new job - however some late nights are coming with that territory!

My typical week consists of:
Monday- usually leave school as soon as the bell rings as it is one of the only days I can!
Tuesday- arrive at 715, school out at 3, meeting from 3-4. Reading endorsement from 430-930. This is the night I do not arrive home before 945 because the earliest we have gotten out of class is 915. The teachers believe in keeping us there the whole five hours! How barbaric is that???
Wednesday - Leave school around 345 or so
Thursday -- School out at 3, meeting until 415.
Friday-- TGIF!

I am also doing 2 GSU classes this semester that i might add I am behind on but tend to catch up on weekends. Tuesdays are a killer for me not only being gone from the house 630 am -10 pm every Tuesday but it is also hard because I do not get to see Ryleigh from Monday night when I put her to bed until Wednesday when we get home. That being said makes no sense why it tears on me so much because I can let her go to momma's for a few days or on a vacation without her for a week and not be truly upset about it. I think my brain just knows I AM SUPPOSE TO SEE HER DURING THE WEEK!. So when I get home before midnight (okay a little bit stretched) I wil work on my GSU after Ryleigh goes to sleep.

Each and every Wed, I go into work exhausted and tell my boss I think I am going to quit. She tells me to go on to the Pre-K classes and to hush! :) I tell her okay well dont ask me any questions because I barely know my name.

Ryleigh went to spend Tue-Sat with Momma and they went to Alabama. Ryleigh ate at The Galley and Burger King Tue-Fri! haha. I have never seen so many Burger King toys in one car before. She had fun playing with everyone. Kathy took some pictures I will have to get her to upload for me. As they tried to arrange everyone, each time Ryleigh would look at the camera and say 'cheese'. So i guess my child knows what a camera is.... go figure :)She also attended her first "REAL" movie with Momma, Nedra and Dannette (I think). It was Madea goes to Jail. She watched the whole thing and ate her popcorn and sprite. Momma said she would say "movie, laugh" and just go hahahhahahha. Apparently before they got there momma talked up going to a movie and they were going to laugh because it was going to be funny.

The first weekend of the month we went to the GA Aquarium. Ryleigh had a lot of fun! We went when she was about 6 mths old. She loved the whale sharks and the 4-d movie. We also walked over to the park and took some photos. I will have to scan our Aquarium photo -- but here are a few we took.

Ryleigh loved the Whale Sharks. She would point and say "Whale Sharrrk"

I think this is a very neat profile shot! How she is black and the fish are colored.

Jessica, Ryleigh and Deepo.She wouldnt go up by herself while we were inside. However on the way out the door Deepo was standing outside and she went up to him then. Of course, the camera was already up.

Each time I said take a picture with momma -- all day long --- this is what she did. She would go " AHHHHHHHH".

Of course she would take one with Daddy
Just playing somewhere at the GA Aquarium.

Now outside at the park!

She kept saying Cheese and posing!

I Saved my favorite picture for last! She was not posed JB just happened to catch it!