Monday, May 25, 2009


I forgot to add this to the last post.... and it is VERY IMPORTANT!!!

We have gone to the potty every time since Friday... that's all weekend. She still will not poop in the potty :( but she is now going by herself mainly to the big potty.

She has gone 2 nights without wetting her pull up. She also has worn panties all day long throughout the weekend :)


Quick Update

We have finally gotten our house back in order….although tornado Ryleigh comes through every afternoon, sometimes hitting two and three times a day. We have been working (or maybe JB) diligently on the pool, its still cloudy… :( Ryleigh is starting dance (ballet) in three weeks. We signed her up on Friday and she is wearing her leotard and dance shoes constantly. Its so cute. I got to to get a video of it. She wears her leotard but ‘booty dances’…….I have some pictures to upload from our CF Walk last week as well as a few more pictures --- gotta find my camera for that….. Have to ask Miss Priss where it is. I start back to class tomorrow. I have 2 classes this summer and one in the fall with practicum.. WHOO HOO! Well that’s all for now, just a short update.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pictures from the past few weeks

Here are some Easter Photos and from the strawberry patch!

Kitchen makeover


Strawberry Patch

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One of those .....

Well I have become one of those……. One of those people who do not take the digital photos off the camera. Well I don’t guess its me, technically its JB, since its his camera and all.

We have pictures from Easter (and some video), we have pictures of the Strawberry patch, and maybe several other things.

Fact of the matter is we have both been too busy to sit down and take them off the camera.

For starters, my semester at Ga Southern ended last week, so it was rush time for that. In the middle of that we started ripping out the kitchen and doing (well we didn’t ‘technically’ do it (or maybe the correct word is physically) a complete remodel of it all. It looks really good! We are just finishing that up right as I type this. I can say (something I never in my wildest and scariest dreams thought I would say) I am tierd of eating out. We have eaten out all meals of the day for the past three weeks.

With all of that being said…. I will post photos of everything hopefully this weekend…. Including our new kitchen…..

PS. One thing I did learn during the remodel is Ryleigh may have some of Ma in her! Every time I try to throw “shit” away…by that term I mean items such as old cups from various restaurant kids meals, solo cups that had been used and in the sink, markers with out a point, etc. Well I started calling Ryleigh ‘Ozie’ because she (my grandmother – daddys mom) would wash every single solo cup and throw away silverware…. Why because I may be able to use it….. Everything Ryleigh would take out of the trash she would say “that is my _____” and take it to her play room to store. Lol