Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where she sleeps....

So this afternoon, Ryleigh would not lay down for her nap. I tried everything. I eventually took my pillow to her room and laid down beside her bed. Well then she wanted to lay with me (and then get in her bed, then lay with me, and so on). I got up and kissed her goodnight and said I am going to my room. You are going to stay in here (the baby gate was up) and you are going to take a nap. I dont care what you do, but you are going to take a nap. It had been about 10 min and she got quiet, I thought to myself....finally! I stuck my head in her room and she came running, she was rocking in her rocking chair. So I said where are you suppose to be and she ran to her bed. I told her goodnight and went back to my room. The baby monitor is in there and I can hear her best there. So I must have dozed off for about 10 min and the phone rang and woke me up. I found it odd, that I had not heard Ryleigh talking like she normally does when the phone rings, I get up go and check on her...... and this is where I find her.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Big Girl bed....Part 2

It only took 20 mins tonight to go to sleep! Yea right. Still Photos to come. ...

Ryleigh and the Big Girl Bed

Well we just started it last night. She absolutely loves being able to hop into and out of it while we were playing today!

Two times this weekend she tried to climb out and got stuck. Yesterday during nap time she tried again, when she was screaming bloody murder I went in there and honestly thought her leg was broken with the angle it was at in between the slats so I said that's it. Her crib converts to a toddler day bed so we did that.

We took all the toys out of her room...most were already in the den anyways and let some books for her to read. I also put a blanket down next to her bed as she LOVES to lay on a pallet(spelling). we put a baby gate up and prayed for the best. ..... didn't happen.

We ended up taking turns sitting in her room (like on super nanny --it wasJBs idea) and not looking or talking to her, but making her stay in the bed. After about four and a half hour she went to sleep(or what seemed like it) She tried everything to get up ... once I laid on her floor she got out of bed and brought me a pillow...considerate little joker! :) I said Thank you and pointed to her bed.

She eventually went to sleet about 1115(we put her in bed about 9). She rolled out of the bed about 1215 but snuggled on her blanket on the floor and slept there until about 415. I went in there with her pointed to her bed(she was standing at the baby gate) and she hopped back in bed and i patted her back about 4 times. and she was out. and stayed that way until JB took her to the sitters this AM!

Photos to come!


I cant help but brag... I just got an 11 out of 10 on one of my reading logs for class!

(yes the time is 1243 am)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer's going so quickly!

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Wow! The summer is just flying by – we do not like that! We have been super busy the past few weeks. I have been diligently working on class work for Georgia Southern. Ryleigh has been swimming, playing in the sprinklers and just having fun. She absolutely loves the swimming pool and is doing GREAT on learning to swim. Right now she goes under water and kicks to you. She is also an Expert at blowing bubbles in the water and is constantly showing us how to do it. Her next favorite thing to do in the pool is to jump in and swim to you. She comes to the top by her self but hasn’t learned to float yet. She will NOT wear swimmies – one thing I have always said she would not wear (I think I get that from Nanny) but Nanny said now she is swimming now the swimmies will help her learn to use her arms and then she will be OFF.

She also got her very FIRST haircut. Grandmomma Dial did it instead of going to the kids place in Macon. She just got her bangs cut as they were getting way too long. She was a very good girl while she sat there and was especially good when she got a pack of cookies to eat in the end.

JB also gave Ryleigh her first watermelon. We were sure she would love it, as its her Daddy’s favorite. She hated it. She tries some each time we have a bowl because she thinks she must have whatever we have. Each time she spits it out.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! We are getting ready to leave for the beach in ONE WEEK! We cant wait!

And here are Brinkley and Chloe. They like playing in the back yard too!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

In Bama

Ryleigh and I came Nanny’s with Barbie (what Ryleigh calls Barbara although its closer to Ba right now) and Cody. We have been swimming several times. Coye and Ryleigh have played together several times – they have even helped Nanny take out the trash. They are too young to realize that is a job and not ‘fun’. I have also attached a picture of Ryleigh giving a piano recital. I do not know if her outfit is formal enough for an actual recital however. More later!