Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving at the Dials

We had a wonderful thanksgiving yesterday. JB was on call so we stayed in Dublin. We ate a FABULOUS lunch at Cracker Barrel. Apparently we were not the only ones with this idea. My parents and Cody came down for the day, and Reita and James also came to visit. Lunch was Very Good and some of us even had a few leftovers :)

Afterward, we just came to the house and hung out, read the sale papers about things we would not get up the next morning to go shopping for, etc.

After Momma, Jeff and Cody left -- Ryleigh did not want them to go -- Allison and Eric brought over some of their leftovers. They called it Meals on Wheels. haha. After partaking in their leftovers for supper (and some very yummy desserts) we watched Jeff Durham's Christmas special. Very funny if I might add.

Today (Friday) Ryleigh and I slept late as JB had to get up to go work. We have hung around the house, I have even had a chance to work on some of my last minute school work. Tomorrow we will be going to Stone Mountain with the Harper side of our family. We cant wait to see all the lights!

More later!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Anniversery!


November 20, 2004

A day that change my life.I married my best friend.

Wow! So much has happened in the past four years. Some days it feels like yesterday, others like an eternity --- hey I am just being truthful – but everyday I wake up I realize how blessed I am to have a magnificent husband. He loves me unconditionally, through good times and bad. He takes care of me when I am sick (and we all know I am pitiful when I am sick), he sighs when I spend too much money on clothes, or Ryleigh, or whatever. He is encouraging when I have a bad day and pops my bubble when my head gets too big.

We together, have made the perfect life for us. We have a wonderful, beautiful, healthy daughter. Who has taught us - both of us - how humble we can be, what real true endless love is. Who has made us realize that we can do nothing on a Friday night but sit in the floor and play with logos and have the best time ever!

We can do our ‘own’ thing without feeling that one is leaving the other behind. We can pick up each others slack when we are giving our all.

It’s hard to imagine, we have been together (well off and on, but together) since we were 16 years old. AP American History, 11th grade. That’s a long time.

We have only been married four years. But I want four more, and then some J haha.

Here are some of our wedding pictures. Enjoy!

Callaway Gardens

We went to Callaway gardens this past weekend to see the lights and to celebrate our upcoming anniversary. We have in the past gone on a “trip” on odd number years. Since this is an ‘even’ year – we did a mini trip. We did the Fantasy of Lights at Callaway. We had a BLAST. It was cold, but fun! We also did the Birds of Prey and butterfly exhibits.


My new job is GREAT! I love it. Maybe more on it later!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Busy Week Ahead

First off, I really enjoyed the first week of my new job. We have yet to 'implement' the program, so it’s doing this and that right now. This coming week is going to be a busy week. We have a lot going on. Ryleigh is going to Covington Tue-Fri to visit with Nanny, Bobo, and Kathy. Next weekend we are going to see the lights and leaves at Callaway Gardens. We had planned on going to Babyland General but are bumping that a few weeks in hopes of seeing some of the leaves changing at Callaway (and also seeing the lights before it gets too cold!). I am a little apprehensive about seeing Christmas Lights before thanksgiving, but I think that just means we can decorate for Christmas even sooner  I love Christmas decorations. I just do not like putting them up and taking them down… ummmm I wonder if we can talk someone (or pay someone) into coming and decorating while we are gone… yea right in my dreams……

I am also going to the antique fair in town with a friend from Trinity – yes some people there still like me, LOL, just kidding. No I do not ‘like’ antiques but this fair has lots more than that + it has good food!

I have one big assignment due on Tuesday and a test to take on Wednesday. I am going to visit Sherry and get her to help me with my test. I am going to bribe her with supper that night. She is at home recovering from surgery. I may even bring enough food for Cousin It. ……

Well gotta go get ready for desperate housewives. I’ll post some pictures of our adventures next week!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tomorrow is a new day....

So tomorrow... November 3, I start my new job . Lots of thoughts are going through my mind right now; I need to be going to bed. I have to start getting up an hour earlier so I need to go to sleep. But it’s a desperate housewives night... so I have to watch it. To take my mind off of tomorrow, I have been going through some old photos of Ryleigh (this could take a lot of time, a really really long time) [haha here's a plug... if you have lots of time on your hands and would like to look at a few no several thousands of photos, feel free to go visit our site at Phanfare and take a look!] So I have decided to include a sideshow of her first 1 and half years. Its hard to believe that in January she will be two. My baby girl is growing up.

Oh yea on a side note -- potty training -- she went to potty 5 or 6 times before lunch. One time was poopy! YEA RYLEIGH! She did this without us prompting her. She would either come tell me potty or go to her potty and pull her PJ's off. --- we skipped church this am.

Hope you enjoy the slideshow. The first year is in Black and White because they were already in a folder from last year’s birthday card that I made.