Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryleigh

Morning she was born.
First Birthday Photos

2nd Birthday Party

Happy Birthday dear sweet princess.

I can not believe that its been 2 years since that wonderful COLD day in January that you came into this world. That day (it was actually Jan 29 that we went to the hospital) lasted forever. We never thought we were going to get to go the hospital! We ended up shopping at Macon Mall before they eventually called us. We were actually at Gymboree shopping. We went to the hospital and everyone waited patiently. Me, your daddy, Barbie, Pop, Cody, Nanny, Kathy, Grandmomma Pat and Granddaddy Benson, Grandmomma Joan and Granddaddy Don were all there. Also were Nedra, Kim, and Dannette. Reita and James were there as well for some of the time. Everyone wanted to see you!

You did take your sweet time coming. I guess we should have seen it as a sign of you doing life at your own time. You are that way today, you want it when you want it, and then not five mins earlier or later.

You are head strong, sweet as a button, and have the most precious smile I have ever seen. I did not know I could love something as much as I love you. Even at your worst moments (you know those screaming fits you throw???!?!) you are the light of my life. All you have to do is smile and you melt my heart.

You are growing up so fast. You are going to potty, you are dressing yourself, your vocabulary is growing daily. You love to color and do your puzzles, you are such a smart little girl. You love your doggies -- both of them equally unlike some people who have favorites. You love to play in your kitchen. You want to always get in the pool or play outside. You love to play in my make up and do your hair. Bathtime is and has always been fun and one of your favorite times of the day.

Oh how I love you so!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ryleigh's 2nd Birthday Party

Wow! What an adventure! I think it is going to take us a week to recover. When it comes to our daughter, no one can argue how truly blessed we are by having such good and close family and friends. Family and friends who shower our precious child as their very own!

Ryleigh wanted a Mickey Mouse (aka MOUSE) party. Her cake was a Mickey Mouse cake that was absolutely delicious, even though its not what we ordered. A little of a touchy subject…. But it all turned out well.

Allison helped make some of the food and the WONDERFUL Rice Krispie Treats. She even did Mickey Mouse with dipped ears! Thanks a lot Alli. I will give you the credit even if Ryleigh gives it all to Eric! :)

My mom came down Friday night to help us prepare! Thank goodness!

Our menu consisted of: Chicken Salad Croissants, Grill Cheese Sandwiches (for the kidos), Chili, Chips and dip, Cheese Its (I will post recipe because I know several people want it), Rice Krispies and CAKE!

Ryleigh’s actual birthday is not until the 30th. (I will post that day as an update) so this post is strictly party. All Ryleigh has talked about since before Christmas is a bike. If we see someone on the road or in the neighborhood riding a bike, we hear about it forever. “I want bike.” Well we ‘took a test ride’ at toys r us at Christmas and decided to wait because she just wasn’t ‘big’ enough. I knew she was getting a helmet from someone but did not think it was ‘time’ yet. Well she has had a fit (well not really a fit but went a little crazy) each time we go to walmart and go by the bikes. So we decided at the last minute to get her a tricycle.

After a very long day yesterday and a very long late nap, when she finally woke up she was cuddling with her daddy and said “momma, hehe I got a bike”. That was enough for me to know we did the right thing! J

Well enjoy the photos, More later in the week!

Cheese It Recipe

½ cup of oil

1 T Dill

1 t garlic powder

1 t celery salt

1 pk of ranch dressing mix

Mix all ingredients in a gallon baggie. Add 1 box of cheese its. Shake well, put in fridge for 3 hours. Serve. I think the fridge just helps set the oil. You know it has to be easy for me to make it :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Update... Okay Its been too long....

Okay. So its been a while… and yesterday I was called out so here is a post. The last month (has it really been a month since I posted?) has flown by. We have all had our rounds of sicknesses and tests. This may be the reason I am finally getting to post, because I am home sick with a sinus headache….again…. and I am thinking COME ON I am still on the antibiotics (for like 2months straight now) WHY do I have a killing headache? It is feeling a little better – hopefully much better by the time JB and Ryleigh get home.

So Christmas --- Wow! Spending time and seeing family that we do not get to see enough was great. Ryleigh on Christmas morning was so much fun! I am not feeling like posting pictures here so you can go to to see them. Christmas day Momma , Jeff, and Cody came down for lunch (Jared was on Call) later that afternoon JB’s mom and dad came. And a few days later Daddy and Joan came. Ryleigh got so much stuff! I am not sure of her favorite right now, however, we are doing puzzles constantly and vacuuming the floor if we are not doing puzzles.

Christmas night we went to see Christmas Lights in Yonkers (apparently this is a community in the middle of mo where on 247). Well the family has a ‘compound’ that is covered in lights. Story has it that their little boy was very ill (cancer maybe) and wanted to see how many Christmas lights could be put up, well it has grown each year. (See the photos on Ryleigh was in wonderland at all the LIGHTS!!!

For new years we went to Milledgeville to see some old friends and had a blast. Ryleigh spent the night with The Rogers aka Tricia, Robert, and the boyz. She had lots of fun as well! Apparently they kept her up to all hours of the night partying hard because she slept FOREVER when we picked her up.

Back to school we went, or to the babysitters in her case. IT was a very productive break, however not very restful !We are in full swing for planning her second birthday party. I can not believe she will be 2 soon.

In other news, over the break we booked “Nanny’s Birthday Adventure”. This year we have decided to go on a cruise for her birthday and Bobo decided to join us. We are leaving from Orlando going to Bahamas and back to Orlando from March 12-15. So we are COUNTING down to that – or I guess I am counting down to that. It will be Nanny & Bobo, Momma, Kathy, Peggy, Betty, Jessica and Ashleigh. Should be full of adventure…… all I know is I WILL NOT BE DRIVING….. as this adventure is when I got my speeding ticket last year.

My classes started last Tuesday, as well as my reading endorsement class that I am doing through RESA. I was not ready for my Southern classes to start but know the sooner they start, the sooner I will be finished. I also know that the sooner they start the sooner the celebration for finishing Disney trip will arrive !
Well that’s all for now!
Hopefully I will be a better blogger and not take a month to post next time.