Tuesday, March 9, 2010

just an update

Just a quick post…

Trying to keep up here. We had a good weekend. The St Patrick’s Festival activities are in full swing in Dublin. This weekend we went to the Hot Air Balloons and Lunch with lucky. We did the balloons at the VA on Friday – to which Ryleigh told us, I am going in one of those tomorrow, the pink one. Our answer… we will see. Well Saturday came and we went to the balloon glow. She didn’t want to go in the hot air balloons then. Although I did make her go touch the basket and take a pic. She walked away and said, “I didn’t get in there”…. Go figure… YOU WERE SCREAMING!

Sunday we went to church and Ryleigh got to go up to the big kid class, and go to big church then children’s church. She did a good job walking down the aisle by herself even though I went and sat on the front pew until she left the sanctuary. I cannot believe that my little girl is no longer in the nursery :(

We have the pageant this weekend. Practice was today. She did A FANTASITC job and came out proclaiming I LOVE PAGEANTS… lord help us! She went in the theater all by herself and is the first one in her group. We are considering this a good thing, doesn’t have to wait too long get up there and get over it! She really wanted to wear her dress today to the practice, and it was difficult to explain that we will on Saturday.

She is so independent that it sometimes scares me. I know how independent I am and I think she is double. It is I can do it myself. She really enjoys playing with others and does not meet a stranger.

Her favorite thing is to now tell you her address and most of her phone number. She will tell you she is three, and when she is “7,8” she is going on a cruise like Halee Rae. (she knows Halee just went on a cruise with Mickey Mouse, Momma is going in April on Spring break and JB and I are going in Nov, but she is still too young to cruise). She is eagerly waiting the beach trip over spring break to Myrtle Beach – it is a condo like Splash in PCB and knows we are going to the beach again in July. She is beginning to understand time lines, which I think is very smart for a three year old. Her concepts of days….. and what order they come in – We go to school on Monday and Wed, Dance on Monday and sleep late on Sat).

Well that’s all for now… I will post pics of the pageant this weekend. :)