Sunday, July 26, 2009


We got our dance newsletter for the month.... Recital is june 5, 2010!
Mark your calendars!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer's Up :(

Wow! Its hard to believe that the summer is already up!

I have started back to work – with the grant I had to come back on July 13. SO I had a VERY VERY SHORT Summer. We have gone and done and gone and done all summer.
Ryleigh has started dance and LOVES IT!
I still do not have any pictures to post. I will work on that next week. She also starts Preschool next month. We decided on First Baptist in Dublin just because it came VERY RECOMMENDED! She can not wait until starting school – the first day is the 17th. Orientation will be the 14th. She has a new book bag that Barbie got her and we are now having to use it to take to town with us. She will go half a day for Monday and Wednesday.

Monday on my very last day of summer break, we went to Statesboro to their Waterpark – Splash in the Boro. We went with some friends and she loved it! IT was well worth the drive down there. We are now trying to figure out a day that JB can go back with us. It was not crowded at all and the day was very overcast so you did not get hot! We had a picnic lunch before we entered the park. FUN FUN FUN STUFF!
Well off I am …. I do have a little break from Georgia Southern until Mid August. I did just get an email from JB , he just sent the last payment to them--- WHOOO HOOOO!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Beach Life

Beach life would have been grand if Barbara didn’t ruin it all at the last minute.
We are back in Dublin, PCB was beautiful except for the two days that it looked like rain… But Ryleigh had fun.

We stayed at Grande Surf Club, it was a very secluded which had its ups and downs. You got to know the people that were there the week. And you never really had to worry about leaving your stuff at the pool etc. No one was even on the beach until Wed or Thurs. so all that was nice.. Some kids ended up showing up that Ryleigh had fun with.

We still wish we would have just gone back to Splash, because Ryleigh had so much fun there last year. I am trying to talk JB into doing a long weekend for Labor day……..

JB and I took her to a place down the road to ride different kid rides. She had a blast every time we took her… yes every time because we went back just about every night. She loved the swings and train. There was also a mini ‘tilt a whirl’ that she liked as long as it was not spinning to fast.

She did not want to stay on the beach too much, she wanted the ‘swimming pool’. So we spent most of the week there. Even with all the sunscreen JB applied to Ryleigh she ended up with a cute little tanline. She will strip naked and say look at my bootie… (I think she got this from coye as the pose is the same…..)

One girl at the pool had an airbrush tattoo of a butterfly on her foot. Well Ryleigh WANTED A BUTTERFLY ON HER FOOT. So we went and got her one… she is too cute with it. Her butterfly got in the pool this afternoon. … not Ryleigh but her butterfly…… I think it lasts a week. I am dreading what is going to happen when the butterfly washes off.

Jared and Will came down on Tuesday night. Ryleigh has talked about Jared, Will and Chris – who stayed a few blocks down the strip – all day today.

Places we ate:
Sunday -- Sharky’s when we arrived for lunch – yummy! We could hardly keep Ryleigh in the restaurant and out of the beach! I don’t remember where we ate for supper……
Monday – Lasagna in the room. This was the first night we did rides at Emerald Falls--- these continued nightly.
Tuesday – Cpt. Anderson’s. … Yummy as always!
Wednesday— Uncle Ernie’s. This might have been Ryleigh’s fav. She wanted it the next several days. We sat outside upstairs so she could listen to the music. She danced with a little girl.
Thursday – Mellow mushroom for lunch. Boar’s head for supper – probably the best meal apart from Cpt. Anderson’s.
Friday – The Shrimp Boat – good but service sucked!
Saturday – Boon Docks – it was very good!

I have one more week until I go back to school! Yuck! Ryleigh wanted to go to Glenda’s in the morning…she packed her bag mid afternoon. So she will tomorrow. I don’t know what we will do the rest of the week……..I’m sure something fun!

Oh yea... Cody turns 16 tomorrow... LOOK OUT EVERYBODY! Happy Birthday Cody.