Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quick Update

So its after midnight. I am up with Ryleigh. She has had a bad stomach virus since Saturday Am. JB took her to the doctor this am, shes not dehydrated (THANK GOD!) yet this afternoon we had to call the doctor back and are going in the morning for a stool sample (maybe too much info but hey this is my 'baby' book). Her poor bottom is completely raw. She sits in her chair and says 'hurt' and cries crocodile tears. Yet at the same time she wants me to turn on "melmo" and she does the Chicken Dance... Which brings me to the reason of this post. I just updated my facebook. This is the paragraph I included.... I wanted to add it here to make it more permanent. Is this blog more permanent?

From Facebook:

I have a wonderful life and I do not realize it enough. My loving and caring husband JB, my princess daughter Ryleigh Eliza'beth', my two fur babies, my family and friends. I wake up every day and see how blessed I am.

Seeing the world through my daughter’s eyes is the most exciting experience in the world! She makes me laugh, she makes me cry and the most fun I have had in a long time is dancing with her and Elmo doing the Chicken dance and having her fall down in a full blown stomach laugh.....Wow, I love my life.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend of Adventure

So normally on the weekends... we do one of two things.... 1) we do nothing or 2) we go, we do, we don’t stop! This weekend was the latter of the two :)

This photo is for JB... he says I am always on my phone.....

Friday night we stayed at home because we knew what Saturday and Sunday was going to bring! Saturday we got up and laid in our PJs for most of the morning. Then we got up, got ready and went to the block party at our church. What fun!

Ryleigh had cotton candy and popcorn….. two of her faves (yes I know she shouldn’t have popcorn, but this is something she discovered at a TCS ball game. Now loves the stuff… so I choose my battles and just watch her carefully).

She also played the duck game (the one where you pick a duck and get a prize). CANDY.. YEA!:)

Then her and her daddy decorated a cookie. YUMMY. She did not understand why she only got 1. I am fairly certain they would have let her do another but we would not.

Then we went home for a quick nap to go to yet another fall festival. The second time we went to Poplar Springs North. This is the church that Mr. Robert is a pastor at and where McKayla (our friend from Glenda’s) dad is the youth pastor, where Glenda and Pa (our babysitters) and The Mathews (a friend from the VA) all attend. She had lot of fun there. We (Ryleigh and I) went down the blow up slide one time and didn’t like it too much; I think there is a {very bad} photo of that floating around somewhere. We also found a ‘booth’ where you throw bean bags and get NERDS! This might be the best thing since sliced bread… or in the World of Ryleigh...The Wiggles. JB kept trying to get her off the NERDS by hiding them. Well she would just take off through the pasture and get anther box. After the third time, I told the very nice man running the booth to please not give her anymore!

After the fall festival, we were invited over to the Mathews to watch the UFC fight. JB normally goes by himself as it is always a late night and we (both Ryleigh and I) are normally in bed before he returns. Well we decided to go with him. Ryleigh and Carter played a little bit. Carter builds a fort, Ryleigh tore it down, Carter built a wall, Ryleigh tore it down; do you see a pattern? The funniest things was watching Carter, who is about 6mths older than Ryleigh, try to explain his frustration. “That thing is tearing up my wall”!!!!

Today we woke up late (after arriving home after midnight) and missed church. We planned on going to Kackleberry Farms with the Overstreet’s. Boy did the girls have fun. They had jumping pillows, pig races, donkeys, goats, sheep, a cow train, a Corn “sand” box, corn cannon and lots more I am sure I am forgetting.

Well off to prepare for tomorrow, it begins my first day of my last week at Trinity. Definitely a bittersweet moment. I think its going to be a difficult week as I really love the students (and some of the faculty… hahhahahah) there. I had several parents want to know this weekend about the rumor they had heard. Although sad, I am really excited about starting this new chapter in my life! I am sure it will be full of adventures…..(be nice Allison and Sherry)!

I’ll post some Halloween Pics later in the week!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Today is a new day

Well okay, I am going to do another update. First things first. I am going to break the suspense about what I couldn’t talk about any further in the last post.

I have accreted a job in the Wilkinson County school system. I will be an intervention teacher for Pre-k. I will be helping the below level students with reading. I will be starting there on November 3rd. I am very excited about the position. I went to a training (the week of my last post) and left the training daily really excited and felt that my time was being used in a good way. I think being able to see the student actually increase their test scores, as a direct result of me helping them will be very rewarding.

I have been a little apprehensive about leaving a private CHRISTIAN school going out into the ‘real’ world. But really seem to like the people I will be working with. No they are not Allison or Sherry or Patricia (tee hee), but I think I will really enjoy it. Plus REAL friends will still talk to me after I leave Trinity!

I told my students today that my last day will be Oct 31. My seniors are already trying to figure out how to have a ‘party’. …. Of course in my honor, because they would never try to scheme a party up just for nothing!

Last week I attended the COMO conference in Athens. This is a media specialist conference. One requirement for one of my classes is that I ‘experience’ a conference. I had so much fun! My favorite part was sitting on the panel discussion of the media specialist of the year. There are some VERY interesting stuff going on in our state! I went with Kim and Mary – they were gracious enough to let me be their roommate! The sad part was we all love facebook so much. We sat in our hotel room in Athens on a Thursday night all on facebook messaging each other….. sad…..

Friday and Saturday was the 10 year high school reunion of Eastside’s First Graduating Class. When Jeff asked why we were going to the Oaks on Sat and I informed him for our 10 year reunion. He determined we were wrong. It had not been ten years; if it had I was getting old. I simply reminded him, if I am old…. What are you????

Friday night we did not go to the game because of rain. Apparently a lot of people did not go to the game. They are going to try to reschedule that part! (THANKS FOR ALLYOU DO IDA!)

Saturday was a lot of fun. I am really glad we decided to go. We got to see a lot of people whom I haven’t seen in a long time. Catch up and laugh at what we have done in the past and talk about what was going on in our lives now.
We sat at a table with Kim and Sam, Candace and Mike, Stephanie and Bobby and us. Matthew joined us after he returned from Athens and the UGA homecoming game. It was like old times.

Oh yea, I almost forgot. We ventured over to Ozone, after the Oaks. This is the old skating rink…. Wow…. We didn’t stay long… and boy this verified…. We are getting old! 
We determined that in January (thanks to Stephanie) we will have a night out in ….Somewhere…. Location to be determined. But this does give us something in the near future to look forward too….. As well as an approachable goal.

Well back to work now!
If I had any photos, I would post. Stephanie, I am counting on a few you took!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Okay, So I am behind. What’s new? A lot has been going on here lately. Some I can post about, some I can't, but will be able too soon.

Let’s see.

Right after the last post (Sept 30) we came down with yet another ear infection, Dr. Molly said if we do not get this one to go away, or have another one in the near future, we are off to the ENT to discuss tubes.

Ryleigh went to the beach with Barbie & Pop (and Cody and Sarah). PCB Sat - Wed last week (4-8). She was much better this beach trip than the one in July. We are still attributing the horrible behavior the last trip to a few nasty teeth coming in:)

Oct 4 - JB and I went to the Perry Fair with Jared, Will and Katie to see Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan. Luke was better than Jason. We had a lot of fun. I have a really funny video of Will screaming like a girl on one of the rides, I may see if I can post it ;) Another interesting point about that Saturday was .... I lost my voice. I woke up that morning ... and I could not talk.... Strange yes.... irritating.. yes.... did it make a lot of people happy....so they say.....

I continued not being about to talk until about Tuesday/Wednesday. All I could do to get JB's attention was beat on the table. I did not like this. I did not like this at all. If I did try to talk, I got worse.

Wednesday came, Ryleigh came home and we were soo excited to see her :) She had to go back to doctor for a follow up on Thursday. That visit was a good one, we do have fluid on our ears, but the infection appears to be gone. THANK GOD!
I decided I needed to go to the doctor Thurs night, because my throat was swollen and i could not swallow, or eat or drink. I felt incredibly stupid for going to the doctor with a sore throat but nothing else hurt. He determined that my throat was sore because of a sinus infection. Yea me, three in two months. (our insurance is going to love us).

We were suppose to go to the Fair or Kakkleberry Farms yesterday (which is a pumpkin patch/corn maze place) however it rained all day -- and through till today.

Ryleigh woke up very lethargic today. Something she hasn’t been in a long time. We hope its her teeth, as she is drooling and knawing a lot and has a back tooth coming in. We are also running a 100+ fever again. If it continues through the night, back to the doctor we go. I will keep you posted about that.

JB and Steven went hunting tonight. JB shot a deer. I was supposed to be really excited. All I said was yea, I’m happy for you... apparently I need to work on that..... ?!?!?!?!? I didn’t know..... Here is a picture of him. He looks excited.

I have my GA COMO conference in Athens at the end of this week. I am really excited about it. The conference is a Media Specialist conference that I have to attend for my classes but I think I am going to really enjoy it. Maybe my next post will be about something I learn…..

Talk soon!