Monday, September 22, 2008

Pictures from Saturday Night

Here are a few pics I stole from Jennifer. I had my camera but did not take it in... stupid stupid stupid...

Dont we look sweet??

The Dials', the Jones', The New's
JB, Jennifer, Justin, Jessica, Leslie, Corey(well half of him)

JB & Jennifer

Here are a few pics I stole from Jennifer. I had my camera but did not take it in... stupid stupid stupid...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

They tie for first!!

Well its 649am. I have been up for about an hour and a half. Ryleigh is now successfully snoring in the floor beside me. So what else is there to do??? Of course... BLOG!

We have had a great weekend. It started by visiting with some friends in Milledgeville and going downtown for a little while before picking up Ryleigh at Patricia's house. Wow, did I need that night. It was worry free and so enjoyable. JB and I decided it definitely needs to be added to our monthly to-do list. Not to mention getting with some great friends that we need to see some more of! Sooooooo.... we are doing it again next weekend. HAHAH. Jennifer's Birthday is coming up and we have to help her celebrate :) We feel so special to get to do it two weeks in a row.

I had posted on my facebook that I couldn’t wait to get to millvill and go to capital city. One of my former students informed me that i was 'too old' to be going to capital city. Well I may be 28, but never too old to have fun! However, if you would have ever and I mean ever told me I would be going downtown in a minivan... I would have died...... a moving truck maybe.... but never a minivan. Well this weekend I have accomplished that goal and can now cross it off my list of things to do :)

Tonight we spent time with our 'intown' friends and grilled out. JB took some pictures of Nathan, Melinda and Stevens new baby boy. He’s adorable! Maybe I will post one when JB gets them processed --- if they dont mind it. JB really missed the photography part when he got his lights and background out and has decided he wants to set it up permanently somewhere, this way he will do it more often. Since Ryleigh has now claimed the extra bedroom...... not sure where that is going to happen, but we will figure it out. Danny and Amanda were also there, but they dont count, cause they left Brentley with her grandmamma! (haha Amanda, yes we still love you, but want to see the child next time too :) )

Tomorrow (or I guess today) we are going to Athens (or close enough) to see Addie, Drew and Ashley! Addie is turning three and is having a Safari Adventure. We are in for a treat because they live on a farm! We were told to wear old clothes to get ready for some fun :) Ryleigh cant wait to see Addie. We have been telling her all week, we are going to see Addie and Ashley and Drew too, and she says 'uhh huhh' and nods yes. Hopefully we will get some good pictures of both girls!

For those who read this and dont know. Drew is my momma's all time best friends son. His wife is Ashley and their adorable bright eyed little girl is Addie. Drew can NOT deny that child! A spitting image of him. Although, as she gets older you can see some of Ashley! They are on the 'family' list when you are making things such as Wedding invitations, Birth announcements, birthday cards etc. We do not get to see them near enough, but when we do really enjoy the time. Ashley also has a blog -- its on my list -- and she doesn’t update it near enough! Addie is the one child that I say may *and I say that cautiously* be cuter than Ryleigh :)

Nah, we will split that title. They tie for first! :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ryleigh's already planning her trip

During a quick visit to the library last week, I spoted the Complete Walt Disney World 2008:The Definitive Disney Handbook on a display. Well Ryleigh has taken to reading it, and 'planning her trip'. We are planning a trip for Next Thanksgiving. She cant wait to go see Mouse!
Here are some photos of her!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Video for your enjoyment!


Here is

a video of Ryleigh in her Dora Shoes and "purse". She frequently has multiple bows in her hair while 'shopping'. She is also wearing one of her 'outfits'. :)

Just a Random Sunday...

So as I sit at the computer listening to Ryleigh SCREAM BLOODY MURDER in her bed because she does not want to take her afternoon nap..... as I am suppose to be working on a GSU assignment I decide to blog....

We have been doing pretty good. The media guide has been published (and I survived the debut at the ball game Friday) so that's behind me. Ryleigh's ears seem to be doing better -- or at least I hope. She had been going to the potty just about 98 percent of the time (the 2% is most of the time at night but that is only occasionally). She loves her M&M's still.

Friday night we went to Trinity's opening home football game. We went up to AAA this year so... we did not win, but still had fun. We sat on the bottom of the bleachers in front of the cheer leaders. It was also Mini-Cheer camp week (this is when 90 elementary girls get to have camp after school all week then perform at the pep rally and game on Friday). Well Ryleigh has decided this is what she needs to do. They get to clap, scream, and dance... what more could a girl ask for???!?!?! She danced and clapped with the 'big' cheerleaders all night!.

She got a baby bottle at Walmart yesterday and has been feeding the baby (any baby doll or stuffed animal she can find) constantly. Then she sits in her chair and rocks it. Every once in a while she will look at you and say 'shhh'. She does this most of the time in her Dora (aka Backpack) shoes and pocketbook (whatever bag she can find -- Today its her pink diaper bag). Its amazing how my baby girl is growing up!

She loves makeup, shoes, and clothes -- I can NOT deny this child even if she didn't look like me! She has the habit of going to her room and finding another outfit to wear now and bring it to you. If you do not help her take her clothes off and put the new outfit on, she will - and I mean WILL - get out of the current outfit one way or another so you might as well help. By outfit I mean any article of clothing, a mix-matched bow (or 2 or 3), usually a random sock she finds hiding somewhere, and of course her Dora high heels.

If you are getting ready (and she is up or around) she must brush her hair and put makeup on. Also there is no telling where your hair brush or make up brush will end up.... Den, extra bathroom, under the bed.... you get the idea.

Well I am going to go back to my school work now. Hope everyone is doing well. I will post more later. I am attaching a photo that a friend took at the game. They said it is not the best quality but they could not have a better subject... THANKS ASHLEY! She is cheering with the cheerleaders here. (yes I am texting in the background!)
(PS. she is not screaming anymore in case you are wondering!)