Saturday, December 12, 2009

November and December

November was a busy month!

We went to see Santa and The Pink Pig .

The next weekend we met some family at the Rock Ranch.

JB and I had our 5th anniversary, to which I celebrated in the bed sick as a dog, the three days prior to Disney world. Then we spent the week of Thanksgiving at Walt Disney World. We called the Wilderness Lodge home for the week. We had a GREAT time. Ryleigh loved each and every minute of it.

We then came home and the next weekend she had a dance program and was in the Dublin Christmas Parade. Each parade we watched at WDW she said, Im going to do this next week. Ryleigh did a FANTASTIC job dancing to Jingle bell Rock and Frosty the Snowman. I will try to get the video posted soon. Then she went to see the Rockettes with Barbie, Dannette and Addie. She really enjoyed watching those girls dance like she does.

We have been to a whirlwind of birthday parties the past few weeks as well. She has decided she wants a Alice in Wonderland party. We think we will do this at Bojos this year – more later. We are getting ready for Christmas. Ryleigh loves to look at Christmas lights, and doesn’t know if she like the Blinking lights or the baby Jesus the best…. Lol…. She is in the Christmas Play at school on Monday night –she is a sheep. She is patiently waiting on Santa to arrive because she claims she has been ‘good’. On other topics, I graduated yesterday at Ga Southern WHOO HOO!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well its been a while. We have been so busy! I have been working steadily on school stuff. I am so excited I will be finished with my reading endorsement in two weeks and will graduate with my masters on Dec 11!!! J

The month of October has been jam packed, and November and December will be the same!

Ryleigh had her pictures taken at school, not the best pictures she has ever taken!

Ryleigh and Momma went to Alabama to visit everyone for a few days during Momma’s fall break. I went to Covington on my fall break to do some practicum hours. Ryleigh had her fall festival at school,

a field trip to a corn maze and pumpkin patch, and a pumpkin party at school. She set up her Christmas tree in the play room… I mean everyone needs a Christmas tree in October! She did a fantastic job at the block party dancing with Fancy Dancer!

See video below! And Trick or treating was lots of fun with Nathan and Nicholas!

We are counting down the days to go to Disney but first we must;

1 – go see Thomas the train today – this was a last min thing we bought tickets for, 2- go get pics with Santa and ride the pig next weekend. Ryleigh is alos going to the Wiggles next Sunday. The next weekend we are meeting the Harpers at the Roc Ranch… Then its almost Disney time!! J Like I said… a busy few months!

Carving the pumpkin!

JB Took pics of Ryleigh on his John Deere Tractor, Ryleigh would not change and put on an outfit, she said she was already dressed!
Mickey Mail -- Ryleigh's Disney mail came
One of her Christmas Pics JB took Yesterday

Okay I cant get the video to load... go to phanfare... its there

Monday, September 14, 2009

Catch Up.

Well I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever! I am at home today with Ryleigh. She has been running a fever since Saturday… no flu though…. We went to doctor today and we basically just have crud…. Yuck!

Ryleigh is getting sooo big! She acts so grown. Its funny to watch her!

Ryleigh is loving school, loving dance. She is having to miss both today because she is sick. I hoped she would not realize it but on the way home from the doctor she asked if she was going to school now….lol.

At Orientation!

Ryleighs first day--- Saying Cheeeese

We were suppose to go to the zoo the last weekend of August but ended up at Dauset Trails instead. Here are some pictures from there.

Ryleigh had planned on getting a Princess motorcycle from Barbie and Pop for Christmas but called them one random Thursday and decided she wanted it now…. Here are some photos of it. She has had it about 3 weeks and is finally riding it. Too cute. I need to find some pics of me on my motorcycle…. I had one too… although it was blue… umm I may look for that today.

Also here halloween coustme came in that I ordered... she is going to be a bee. Although the box it arrived in was just as fun.... she may act grown but you are never too old for a box! :)

Here are just some random pics.... Ryleigh swinging and a few saturday's back at BoJo's jumping....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stone Mountain

We went to Stone Mountain with the Sole’s last weekend. Ryleigh, Madeline and Jake had a very LONG but fulfilled day. We were up and at them for a whole 12 HOURS!!!! We rode the ducks, went to the barn, went to the petting zoo, rode up the mountain, watched the laser show, watched a 4-d movie, basically if it was offered… we did it.

Working on the New Computer

I am testing the new computer. It has a Windows Live writer that updates the blog automatically. Now we will see if it works!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Fancy Dancer

Dance has been a lot of fun. Here are some photos.

Ryleigh has been taking dance since the end of June. We had a mini - i dont want to say recital because it was not that -- show on Monday the last class of the summer.

Ryleigh needs to learn some more listening skills although her teacher SWEARS she listens better when we are not there! I do not think the videos will load here as they are too long.... please go to to view!

Kathy thinks Ryleigh may need some one on one lessons :) as if the teacher says stand ... she sits.... if she says sit... Ryleigh stands.... the last part of the 'show' was much better than the first.... although she still has a ways to go! I do keep telling myself, she is the youngest in the 3 year old class being 2 and a half.

She is so proud of herself anytime she is there. While we were watching the video she did the dance beside me... so she does know it and comprehend it... So as long as she's happy.... LET'S DANCE!

Ryleigh, Gilda (her teacher) and Emma Rae

Ryleigh at dance


Doing her turn with Ms. Gilda.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


We got our dance newsletter for the month.... Recital is june 5, 2010!
Mark your calendars!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer's Up :(

Wow! Its hard to believe that the summer is already up!

I have started back to work – with the grant I had to come back on July 13. SO I had a VERY VERY SHORT Summer. We have gone and done and gone and done all summer.
Ryleigh has started dance and LOVES IT!
I still do not have any pictures to post. I will work on that next week. She also starts Preschool next month. We decided on First Baptist in Dublin just because it came VERY RECOMMENDED! She can not wait until starting school – the first day is the 17th. Orientation will be the 14th. She has a new book bag that Barbie got her and we are now having to use it to take to town with us. She will go half a day for Monday and Wednesday.

Monday on my very last day of summer break, we went to Statesboro to their Waterpark – Splash in the Boro. We went with some friends and she loved it! IT was well worth the drive down there. We are now trying to figure out a day that JB can go back with us. It was not crowded at all and the day was very overcast so you did not get hot! We had a picnic lunch before we entered the park. FUN FUN FUN STUFF!
Well off I am …. I do have a little break from Georgia Southern until Mid August. I did just get an email from JB , he just sent the last payment to them--- WHOOO HOOOO!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Beach Life

Beach life would have been grand if Barbara didn’t ruin it all at the last minute.
We are back in Dublin, PCB was beautiful except for the two days that it looked like rain… But Ryleigh had fun.

We stayed at Grande Surf Club, it was a very secluded which had its ups and downs. You got to know the people that were there the week. And you never really had to worry about leaving your stuff at the pool etc. No one was even on the beach until Wed or Thurs. so all that was nice.. Some kids ended up showing up that Ryleigh had fun with.

We still wish we would have just gone back to Splash, because Ryleigh had so much fun there last year. I am trying to talk JB into doing a long weekend for Labor day……..

JB and I took her to a place down the road to ride different kid rides. She had a blast every time we took her… yes every time because we went back just about every night. She loved the swings and train. There was also a mini ‘tilt a whirl’ that she liked as long as it was not spinning to fast.

She did not want to stay on the beach too much, she wanted the ‘swimming pool’. So we spent most of the week there. Even with all the sunscreen JB applied to Ryleigh she ended up with a cute little tanline. She will strip naked and say look at my bootie… (I think she got this from coye as the pose is the same…..)

One girl at the pool had an airbrush tattoo of a butterfly on her foot. Well Ryleigh WANTED A BUTTERFLY ON HER FOOT. So we went and got her one… she is too cute with it. Her butterfly got in the pool this afternoon. … not Ryleigh but her butterfly…… I think it lasts a week. I am dreading what is going to happen when the butterfly washes off.

Jared and Will came down on Tuesday night. Ryleigh has talked about Jared, Will and Chris – who stayed a few blocks down the strip – all day today.

Places we ate:
Sunday -- Sharky’s when we arrived for lunch – yummy! We could hardly keep Ryleigh in the restaurant and out of the beach! I don’t remember where we ate for supper……
Monday – Lasagna in the room. This was the first night we did rides at Emerald Falls--- these continued nightly.
Tuesday – Cpt. Anderson’s. … Yummy as always!
Wednesday— Uncle Ernie’s. This might have been Ryleigh’s fav. She wanted it the next several days. We sat outside upstairs so she could listen to the music. She danced with a little girl.
Thursday – Mellow mushroom for lunch. Boar’s head for supper – probably the best meal apart from Cpt. Anderson’s.
Friday – The Shrimp Boat – good but service sucked!
Saturday – Boon Docks – it was very good!

I have one more week until I go back to school! Yuck! Ryleigh wanted to go to Glenda’s in the morning…she packed her bag mid afternoon. So she will tomorrow. I don’t know what we will do the rest of the week……..I’m sure something fun!

Oh yea... Cody turns 16 tomorrow... LOOK OUT EVERYBODY! Happy Birthday Cody.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Catch up

Well we are at the beach…. Its raining…. Yea. So I am being productive. Posting to the blog!

Well the week of June has been a VERY VERY BUSY month. We had an Early Reading First summer school session from the 1st to the 25th. I am so glad that is over with!!!

Ryleigh went to Vacation Bible School at North Poplar Springs Baptist Church. This is not our church but it is Patricia and Robert’s. They actually have VBS for all children’s age levels as opposed to starting at 3 years old. Ryleigh had a blast. They jumped and played and sang Jesus Loves Me. She was in a class with MaKayla from Glenda’s house. MaKayla’s daddy is the youth minister at NPSBC. So she knew someone going in --- this may have helped her nerves.

Ryleigh before the first day of VBS

We had a Pike Family reunion at Nanny’s on Fathers Day. Here are some pics of Ryleigh, Coye, Colton, Ashton and Brynnley.Ryleigh and The Lane's have the same matching Kelly Kids outfits. Brynnley wouldnt let us take her pic but Ashton would sit with Ashleigh.

Ryleigh and Coye

We borrowed the VBS tent from PP's class.

Ryleigh holding colton.

Blowing bubbles outside with Peggy.

Ryleigh also started DANCE CLASS!!! WHOOOO HOOO… I do not have any photos yet. So I will post those later. Ryleigh is going to a summer session of 6 wks. She will not have a real recital at the end of this term, just a short 10 min performance the last day of class for momma and daddy. We peaked through the windows as they have blinds up--- something that JB doesn’t like he wants the mirrors you can see through one way and not the other. Emma Rae is in the class at dance so she has friend here too. We walked in with her that first day and she went up to a little girl --- I think her name is Bailey --- and said ‘ you going to dance class with me?’ ---‘come on lets go’ Ryleigh did not understand that she could not barge in and interrupt the prior class. She learned to wait until the teacher came and said line up… Ryleigh was off…. Never looked back.

We arrived in PCB yesterday. The ride down was pretty uneventful – good considering we rode with a very rambunctious 2 year old name Ryleigh. Hopefully the storm will pass and we will go back out!

Enjoy the pics… not very many!

Just a Random pic of Ryleigh on her Bike!