Monday, June 29, 2009

Catch up

Well we are at the beach…. Its raining…. Yea. So I am being productive. Posting to the blog!

Well the week of June has been a VERY VERY BUSY month. We had an Early Reading First summer school session from the 1st to the 25th. I am so glad that is over with!!!

Ryleigh went to Vacation Bible School at North Poplar Springs Baptist Church. This is not our church but it is Patricia and Robert’s. They actually have VBS for all children’s age levels as opposed to starting at 3 years old. Ryleigh had a blast. They jumped and played and sang Jesus Loves Me. She was in a class with MaKayla from Glenda’s house. MaKayla’s daddy is the youth minister at NPSBC. So she knew someone going in --- this may have helped her nerves.

Ryleigh before the first day of VBS

We had a Pike Family reunion at Nanny’s on Fathers Day. Here are some pics of Ryleigh, Coye, Colton, Ashton and Brynnley.Ryleigh and The Lane's have the same matching Kelly Kids outfits. Brynnley wouldnt let us take her pic but Ashton would sit with Ashleigh.

Ryleigh and Coye

We borrowed the VBS tent from PP's class.

Ryleigh holding colton.

Blowing bubbles outside with Peggy.

Ryleigh also started DANCE CLASS!!! WHOOOO HOOO… I do not have any photos yet. So I will post those later. Ryleigh is going to a summer session of 6 wks. She will not have a real recital at the end of this term, just a short 10 min performance the last day of class for momma and daddy. We peaked through the windows as they have blinds up--- something that JB doesn’t like he wants the mirrors you can see through one way and not the other. Emma Rae is in the class at dance so she has friend here too. We walked in with her that first day and she went up to a little girl --- I think her name is Bailey --- and said ‘ you going to dance class with me?’ ---‘come on lets go’ Ryleigh did not understand that she could not barge in and interrupt the prior class. She learned to wait until the teacher came and said line up… Ryleigh was off…. Never looked back.

We arrived in PCB yesterday. The ride down was pretty uneventful – good considering we rode with a very rambunctious 2 year old name Ryleigh. Hopefully the storm will pass and we will go back out!

Enjoy the pics… not very many!

Just a Random pic of Ryleigh on her Bike!