Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stone Mountain

We went to Stone Mountain with the Sole’s last weekend. Ryleigh, Madeline and Jake had a very LONG but fulfilled day. We were up and at them for a whole 12 HOURS!!!! We rode the ducks, went to the barn, went to the petting zoo, rode up the mountain, watched the laser show, watched a 4-d movie, basically if it was offered… we did it.

Working on the New Computer

I am testing the new computer. It has a Windows Live writer that updates the blog automatically. Now we will see if it works!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Fancy Dancer

Dance has been a lot of fun. Here are some photos.

Ryleigh has been taking dance since the end of June. We had a mini - i dont want to say recital because it was not that -- show on Monday the last class of the summer.

Ryleigh needs to learn some more listening skills although her teacher SWEARS she listens better when we are not there! I do not think the videos will load here as they are too long.... please go to to view!

Kathy thinks Ryleigh may need some one on one lessons :) as if the teacher says stand ... she sits.... if she says sit... Ryleigh stands.... the last part of the 'show' was much better than the first.... although she still has a ways to go! I do keep telling myself, she is the youngest in the 3 year old class being 2 and a half.

She is so proud of herself anytime she is there. While we were watching the video she did the dance beside me... so she does know it and comprehend it... So as long as she's happy.... LET'S DANCE!

Ryleigh, Gilda (her teacher) and Emma Rae

Ryleigh at dance


Doing her turn with Ms. Gilda.