Monday, September 14, 2009

Catch Up.

Well I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever! I am at home today with Ryleigh. She has been running a fever since Saturday… no flu though…. We went to doctor today and we basically just have crud…. Yuck!

Ryleigh is getting sooo big! She acts so grown. Its funny to watch her!

Ryleigh is loving school, loving dance. She is having to miss both today because she is sick. I hoped she would not realize it but on the way home from the doctor she asked if she was going to school now….lol.

At Orientation!

Ryleighs first day--- Saying Cheeeese

We were suppose to go to the zoo the last weekend of August but ended up at Dauset Trails instead. Here are some pictures from there.

Ryleigh had planned on getting a Princess motorcycle from Barbie and Pop for Christmas but called them one random Thursday and decided she wanted it now…. Here are some photos of it. She has had it about 3 weeks and is finally riding it. Too cute. I need to find some pics of me on my motorcycle…. I had one too… although it was blue… umm I may look for that today.

Also here halloween coustme came in that I ordered... she is going to be a bee. Although the box it arrived in was just as fun.... she may act grown but you are never too old for a box! :)

Here are just some random pics.... Ryleigh swinging and a few saturday's back at BoJo's jumping....