Sunday, February 27, 2011



Well lets start with the end of January :)
Here is Ryleigh's Party at school. She didnt want to take cupcakes, she wanted Chicken Minis! :)

Ryleigh's Birthday Party at Bojos!
Here are some pics.... any one take a guess at what kind of party we had.... Justin Bieber but of course!

Here is a pic of Nana's Babies minus the Manning girls :)

A trip to American Girl to spend the night in the American Girl Everything Pink Suite is what Barbie decided we needed for our birthday. Ryleigh loved it.

Started with Dessert at the Bistro
Then Sarah had an appointment for a new Hair do!Then off to the hotel to check in! Ryleigh and Sarah had their own checkin location, they had their own AG credit cards and had to decide on a time to have their room service delivered that night. We also had breakfast buffet the next morning before our trip to the pool for a quick swim before heading back to DUblin, Sarah however slept during the pool time, she was exhausted and didn't think she needed to go swimming.

Room Service Milk and Cookies (PS THE COOKIES WERE TEACAKES... YUM!)

Matching Robes
We also had our Pee Wee club at church perform on Wednesday night. Ryleigh decided she needed to dance instead of just sing.

Dance at the Nursing Home

They danced at the nursing home, to an Elvis song. after dancing, she passed out Valentine's to the residents.

okay the videos are NOT UPLOADING! so go to phanfare to view those :)