Friday, January 14, 2011

Playing Catchup!

What a busy month. Practice practice practice! We are living, sleeping and eating nutcracker right now I think! :) Halee had her birthday party and she tried to find a place JUST LIKE BOJOs!!!!

The month of November also means its time to see Santa and the pink pig! This was the ffirst year that Ryleigh did SPEAK to Santa! He even reminded her she needed to be sleeping in HER bed and not at the foot of mine..... yea still not happening..... Ryleigh enjoyed the pink pig the most however! She loves Priscilla! After the trip to Lenox and Phipps we rode to the American Girl store and Sarah got her hair done!

The next weekend was Ryleigh's pageant. She happened to see a girl trying on a pageant dress at Garden Gate when we ran in for some shoes and she decided she was going to do that too. She did a fantastic job, and looked so grown up! If they (they being the Pageant gods) did not move a five year old down to the three year old group, Ryleigh would have recieved a trophy. Her group was also the only one that did not have a second place... umm

this girl in blue was the five year old who won!

JB and I also went on a crusie over thanksgiving! We left out of Jacksonville and went to Key West and Nassau! THe weather was sooooo perfect. We laid around and did just about nothing the entire trip... and that made it WONDERFUL!WHAT FUN… the weather was perfect.


She did great in her Christmas program at school. They sang a few songs and had a dessert party. Momma and Jeff came down and surprised her by coming to watch and eat dessert.

Just being Ryleigh!

Practice practice practice and more practice. But boy! What a show! The nutcracker was fantabulous! Ryleigh is already asking when we are going to start back….. I however, am not ready!
Ryleigh and I at the Sunday show, I was a back stage worker.
This is what everyone felt like by the time the Sunday show came around!
Our beautiful Cherub!

Where I found her, she did this by her self in the dressing room while she was waiting for her call. everyone was EXAUSTED!

We have the fastest little angel anywhere!

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