Friday, January 14, 2011


My goal for this year is to update more! I know I know, why set a goal that is just about impossible.... well I can at least try!

Ryleigh started the year with a bang, she went and visited for a day at Trinity's k-4 (prek) program. She loved it and asked if she could go there now, on the days she was not going to FirstLearning Center... haha.

She has decided she wants a Justin Bieber Birthday party. She went to Cake Art and told them "exactly" what to put on the cake.
I quote..
"I Love Justin Bieber" and "Ryleigh's Fourth Birthday Bash" :)
(what can I say.... shes my child! lol.) She also told them she wanted a little Justin Bieber boy on top. Hopefully they will live up to her expectations.

We had two "Ice" Days so our first week back to school in Wilco was a short one, we get MLK day on Monday, I can get used to these short weeks. :)

While we were at BoJos signing up for her birthday party we stayed to play for a little while and Ryleigh decided she wanted to do Gymnastics as well as dance. So since she has been asking randomly to do this we took the leap and registered her. She now goes to Gymnastics on Wed and Dance on Thurs. I will have ot post the pic from my phone later.

Here is a video of her swinging on the rope at BoJos. She has NEVER done this before and had always been scared. This day she did it four times before we made her leave! UHHH VIDEO WONT UPLOAD I WILL TRY AGAIN TONIGHT. Regardless its on phanfare. go take a look!

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